Well, I hope you`re not one of those people who don`t know how to drink and right now you are screaming cause your mother just pulled up the shades.

Anyway, since we are officially in the year 2005 for more than 12 hours let me take this opportunity and announce a new addition to this blog. Since Flickr proved to be an efficient but somewhat ineffective photo tool (I can hear them screaming, “Pay, you cheap bastard!”), I am switching to my own web gallery with the help of Andraz who will host it and who provided the software.

It does not mean you`ll be getting anything less, the photos will still appear on my blog, along with the link to the gallery album, which will feature more of the shots from the same album. So if you`ll want to see more, you`ll click. And if you prefer one photo at a time, then…well…you just won`t click. Simple as that. The link to the gallery is situated on the right side of the blog (Guess which one is it!).

I`ll try to group things up a little more in time, maybe do albums chronologically so that photos won`t just lie around.

Other than that, I feel great. Went out yesterday, saw a show, took a walk through the city, people drinking, puking, singing, having a good time and then I went home. See the album for photo details. It was the best new year celebration so far. I felt good and for the first time in four years, I did not feel bad and sad and down at new year. So something definitely changed. Moved on maybe.

Other than that, it`s another gorgeous days and I think I`ll take a walk. Take some photos. Seize the day.

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