Don`t you just hate the fact that we`ve been cheated out of our holidays this year? I mean…new year on saturday? What`s next? Christmas on sunday?? (I just checked…it is! Argh!!!). This year the economy will be booming…cause of the fact that there`s gonna be less “free” days in the year. Wonderful.

This is from my yesterday`s walk through the woods. See the whole thing here. I think there was more people in the woods yesterday than in the city. The center was abandonded and all you could see were leftovers. Firecrakers, those fake champagne plastic glasses… while the forests were full of people, either walking their dogs or just taking a hike.

But in a way, I am actually looking forward of Monday, going back to work, starting to study for my exam. 30th of January is getting closer every day (no shit, Sherlock). Today is the last day of “the rounds”, visiting my relatives and stuff. Should be fun.

I also have to get ready for the 5th when I`ll be doing a feature about blogs. I just hope we get everything done in one piece. Have to check up on people. NYE does strange things to the minds. Hehe. I remember my first piece. I arranged everything almost a week in advance and told them to call me anytime they want if they feel like they`re not gonna make it. So they did. Two hours before we were suppose to meet. Sweet. I don`t think this one should present much problem, two people, a minute each, some blog-shots and we`ll be done. I`ll make a video and upload it somewhere, for the world to see. And criticise.

Another screaming day today, the weather is really putting on quite a show. Sun, clear skies… I wonder how long will it last. But for now…I love it. So much different than the last year. Which was a regular crap-o-fest. Does anyone else gets influenced by the weather? If it`s sunny you smile, if it`s rainy you feel like crap? Guess it`s genetic.

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