Indeed. This weather and all…time to take it easy. NOT!

Monday is upon us and I feel great. The weather is shit, fog and mist all over, I took some mandarines to work, ate some pineapple at breakfast…fruit is in the house!!!

Notice this banner on the right side of my blog.

The reason being that I drew something on my hand, take a photo of it and sent it here. And he published it. Haha. See for yourself…here. And if you want to see the official post, go here and scroll down to entry #58.

In other news…

The visiting rounds are completed yesterday, now we are good for another year. The food levels for the next few days will be minimal, mostly eating the leftovers from the previous year (haha).
I have to go to the post office, drop off “something” for her (it`s a (sort of) surprise so she`ll probably tell you when she gets it…or not.).

Other than that…world is a beautiful place to live.

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