I am not being very creative today so the titles come from the song currently being played on my winamp.

Mostly played with new gear at work, we installed the webcams and tested the powershot camera. Big hog. At least it seemed to me, cause I am used to ladylike cameras, which can be operated with one hand.

Made a couple of photos today, I like this one best.

I just regret the fact that the light was so crappy and the flash misfired the first time and the battery was running low and stuff. Let`s hope he`ll be there tomorrow so I can shot him again. And that I don`t have to photoshop it as much as I had to this one.

Right now I am stressing a little about tomorrow`s. We`re doing a piece about blogs for the television and there are a million things that can go wrong. And usually 999,999 things does go wrong. We`ll see how good we do tomorrow. Let`s just hope the crew is there on time. And that they don`t bitch all the time. We`ll see how it goes. Think positive and stuff 😉

Talked to my professor today, wondering if I can photocopy the exams from the previous years. She said I can see them but they cannot leave the office. Think I`ll bring my camera with.

In other news….a new driving law is being implemented, higher penalties and the cops are more vigilant. Or so they say. We`ll see how long do they do it. And for how long the drivers play along. My (and everbody elses) guess is three months.

Take care.