This was another one of those days you hear victory music droning in your ears when you come back home in the evening. Ever get that? Literally, you hear music in your ears when you are walking home, reflecting on the stuff you did during the day? Well, I do. Usually when I feel good about the day that went by, thinking of the things I actually completed and stuff that just…worked out.

First thing`s first…I want to thank Novala and Michael for providing interesting reading material about blogs and the phenomenon of blogging. I also want to thank Nina and Luka for being on time and for proving me wrong about the 999,999 things that could and will go wrong when making a piece for the television. And I want to thank the crew I had with me today, cause they really proved me wrong about the national television being a bunch of incompetent jackasses. I will post a notice about the air time of the piece, I am thinking that it will go on air somewhere in February. I`ll edit it tomorrow, so I`ll let you know which blogs we are going to show in the clip (and I expect every author to make a small LARGE donation).

On my way from the television to my workplace I ran into an old friend who is studying journalism in Graz and was visiting Ljubljana with her austrian friend. And so I sort of taged along, providing entertainment and hopefully changing the stereotype about Slovenes being uptight and humorless. It was fun.

Made tons of pictures, they are scattered around the galleries. Check all categories. The picture of the day would be this one…

I know it`s unfair, since the photos are from different categories and I could post each from every category but…in general, this one takes the cake. Skies and the color of the buildings, the glass reflecting…opera of images.

After having tea and escorting them to the train station I went back to work, supervising some designers doing their stuff, arguing about video codecs. Waited for a while for them to finish, ate some cookies and drank some coke and then walked home, feeling good.

Tomorrow should be fun, we are doing the “computer jokes” scenes and one of the main actors fled without a warning. So we had to find a replacement. And we did. Today. Not even a whole day before the actual shooting. Fun, fun.

I also had an interesting debate with the crew about the new driving law and stuff. And they were all against it, thinking that driving “only” 20km/h above the limit is really not such big of a deal. Sigh. The mentality is the hardest thing to change. But it is the only thing that needs to be changed. We`re still a long way. Other drives are trying to drive according to the book. Ours are trying to duck out of paying the penalties.

And now…let us gather for a moment of silence, for a great pain has befallen our community. Today, a quarter past nine, the blog that we all adored, the blog that we all respected, the blog that we all admired…has perished. The “Poasni zaetki” blog, a blog that showed and introduced me to the world of blogging…is gone. The blog owner offered no comment only that it was a personal decision.

*five seconds of silence out of respect for the ones that are no longer with us*

Onwards! To glory!

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