cause I am tired and I don`t feel like writing. I know…it amazes me too. Don`t worry, we are not losing steam, and we`ll be…oh what the hell…there`s the full thing…

– The second tv thing went super fine, surprisingly again, we did it in record time and the quality was good also.

– I got the tape so I can do some dry-editing today and then do the real thing at the station. I am thinking of doing it today so I guess the gallery upload and stuff will have to wait till tomorrow. I did a featurette “At the TV station” so you can see the stuff that goes on before you see a show on your TV screen. From make-up, studio…to actors, details and equipment. I hope you`ll find it interesting.

– This morning my credit card expired and I did not know about it until I tried to lift some money at the ATM and it told me that my card is no good. So I went to the bank and demanded an explanation. At first they were snobby, saying something like “We`re sure we sent it to you but you just were not at home and so…” but then they checked and get this… the address was wrong. Not as in misspelled as such, but the software cut off the last digit of my street number. Which means that instead of something street 102, they sent it on something street 10. The punchline of the joke is that I got a bank account list of my incomes and outcomes a few days earlier and the address was spelled out correctly. Fucking morons. Not the first time either. Seriously thinking of switching banks.

– Gallery of my “Day in the studio” is here. Go check it out.

Take care.

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