Again, I am slightly clueless about the post titles so I guess you have to thank Zero 7 for providing this one. Great band. Heard their “In the waiting line” in the “Garden state” movie soundtrack. Trip hop is nice.

Well, the TV thing is over for a while, at least till March. Editing is almost finished, the sucky part is that eventhough I have almost an hour of material, I am still missing some vital pieces.
So I guess we`ll have to use “off voice” more often. And I am sorry…after examining the material, the no pasaran blog will not be used. I think I`ll focus more on those which are written in Slovene. I`ll post the definitive list sometime tomorrow… I will also NOT use Stalingrad in my piece so I guess I can kiss the small LARGE amount of money goodbye. Sigh.

In other news… I added a photoblog to my blogroll, this one deals with panoramas and I think that`ll be my next “thing”. I just have to read up on the manual and see how to do it. Camera settings and stuff.

I finished arranging the gallery from yesterday. The comments and stuff. Did not feel like it yesterday. But now it`s done and…that`s it.

I am also experiencing some stomach pain. I wonder why. Maybe this NYE food is catching up with me. Sigh. It hurts. Gah. Damn ulcer.

In other news…nothing special. Gonna read some of my exam literature. Gah.

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