Well, I learned a valuable lesson today. It goes something like “If the little red light indicating that you should use a flash is blinking, that means that you should use a flash“.

I know, I know, something you all already know. It`s just that I took fifteen good photos which in the end sucked to the max, cause there was no light in them. Brightness option in Photoshop should be renamed into “Sucky some more” option. Anyway, lesson learned, we will repeat the practice tomorrow, with flash. Another test I did today was the panorama thingie, which works like a treat. Again, there is something to be done about flash and a tripod for the panorama photos to work. Otherwise it`s just…sucky.

It`s been a quiet day in general, been readin my literature, surprisingly how much crap I still remember from last year. Sigh. Me and grammar don`t mix. At all. It`s a good thing I am studying journalism then, right? Those people on the radio and television don`t know shit. It`s so funny cause all our exercises were actually editing the articles. And boy were there mistakes in them. And they came from the people who passed the exam AND who had a lector, checking their stuff.

Didn`t do any aditional editing today, will have to get to it till the end of the week otherwise I`ll never do it. Hate postponing stuff.

Slow day. Gah. Promise of things to come…

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