It`s so funny how day names don`t matter any more. Ever get that? The name is there, but it does not mean anything. In my “previous” life, every day had a meaning. Every name had a meaning. Connotation and denotation (I`m sorry, I studied linguistics a bit today). It was something like this…

Monday – Damn. Work week. Actually, I waited all Sunday for this to come, so yey…onwards!

– I knew I forgot something yesterday. Tuesdays are no fun at all. And I have to finish some things by tomorrow.

– Sigh. When will this week be over? This sucks. Work and no fun. When`s this week over anyway? God, two more days. Boooriing!

– Yes! Only one day to go and then it`s friiiday!!!

– You simply know that it`s friday just because people are different than in any other day of the week. It`s like the whole planet is moving with a different pace.

– This is usually the day when the most or the least happens. It`s either filled with action and stuff or it`s one of those boring, long days that you just wish them to be over soon.

– This one is usually the day of preparations for the next week. Usually it`s meant for cleaning things up, for preparations and stuff.

But recently (like in the past year or so), days don`t matter any more. Anything can happen on any day of the week. No plans, no predictions.

And if someone is wondering, day names and stuff, I found this interesting link. If not for anything else, this information is good to annoy your friends with, asking them if they know where does the name for Tuesday come from.

In other news…I tried that panorama thingie again and guess what…the flash sucks. I`ll do some more over the weekend in daylight and see if it gets any better. I tried doing some today, but in the morning when I was leaving for work and thinking about going up on the castle hill, there was fog all over the place and there was no panorama to record. There`s always tomorrow…

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