I don`t know why, but I got “Black hawk down” soundtrack in my ears for two days now. Music is fantasic. If you want to hear the best of Hans Zimmer, listen to it and try to get “Thin red line”. And you got it all. “Leave no man behind” is one of the best songs. But I guess if you saw the movie, you know what I am talking about.

I actually wanted to write this post three times today but ran out of…steam. First I wanted to rant about our dumb government which donated to the tsunami victims such small amount of money that it seems they are only doing it for the show (and then asking the money back in quiet). Reminds me of a story I heared when visiting Venice, when one of the families showed off by throwing dirty silverware into the water. The guests were shocked by such a display of wealth but in the evening, the cooks and the staff went out with fishing nets and gathered all the silverware previously dropped from the dinning room window. Show is what matters. Truth comes in secondary.

Then I wanted to rant about politics and how crooks get away with stuff just cause they are in the right party. Pointless really, but am I the only one or the people who are currently in charge really look like a bunch of apes? I mean really, I am not talking about their mental capacities but their…outlook. The face expressions and stuff. And the things these people say. It`s amazing that their brain does not commit suicide. For example, the minister of social progress (rough translation) explains that the problem of homosexuals is a problem for the department of health! Then you have another guy, this time the minister for justice department who is in the maltesian knight order. Nothing wrong with that, until you realise that the knights were sworn in to spread christianity with flame and sword. Yikes. The list goes on. Fun stuff really. And yes, I know nobody is clean and everybody`s got dirt under their fingernails, but these guys… Anyway, the lastest of theirs wonderful achievements is that a mayor got sued for a private matter and lost and then paid for the damages through the city budget. And pleaded non-guilty, claiming that “he did not know he was doing anything wrong“. And of course…our knight and his helpers let him go. Poor thing. Sure, paying for your private stuff with the tax payers money…anybody could make THAT mistake, right? Fucking morons.

The day was again one of those days where the sky is screaming, there`s nobody around (since it`s saturday AND the sales are on and the majority of the people is busy buying stuff they won`t need) and there are photo opportunities all around. And this time they worked, I used a tripod and the only thing I have to fix now is to downsize the ISO. 400 is a no-go. Go see the Panorama style! gallery.

Feel loved.

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