Thanks to my blogging mistress, I got a great tip where to unleash my thirst for macro abuse and interesting motives of stuff you don`t see every day. The flea market! It was located on the both banks of the Ljubljanica and it was interesting to see the stuff people sell and trade in such places. See the gallery here (Novala…attack!;)) and this is the piece of the show. At least for me. I mean…cmon! Did you ever see something as cute as this?? (I feel sorry I didn`t buy it).

It was interesting to see all those old and weird things people trade and sell. From uniforms, army items (a lot of nazi stuff) to helmets, pottery, old money…

I spent the whole day walking around, taking pictures. It was a “walking around, taking pictures” kinda day. The weather was fine and I am getting the feeling that this blog is turning into a weather forecast thingie, so…no more of that!

I did some panorama shots as well, stuff worked out much better with a lower ISO setting. You live and learn I guess.

I studied a little today, the exam date is approaching slowly. Still have twenty days. I should probably swing by the faculty somewhere in the next week to check the old exams, but I don`t feel like it. It`s not like I`ll learn something new and I hate the teacher`s attitude. It`s like…I don`t know…the last time I was there she kept attacking me how it`s not her fault I failed the exam. And all I asked was why did I get such low points on my essay. Those essays are really funny. You get a grade but afterwards, nobody can tell you why did you get that exact grade. Stupid. If you call someone an idiot, you have to tell him why as well. Ah well…some of them don`t live and learn. I guess.

Other than that, I have a feeling that some people around me are going slightly insane. Like in the head and stuff. I don`t know why, all I can do is sit back and watch them do flips and turns. And on the other hand, some are getting back to being the normal-selves. Which is a nice sight, especially seeing them going through too much shit in the past (notice that I did not use real names and I wonder how many people will call me up tomorrow and tell me I have no business writing about them…hehe).

I`ve been preparing myself to watch a couple of movies for like…two weeks but I just can`t get around to them. One is Fahrenheit 9/11 from Michael Moore and the other is Underground from Kustorica. I think I`ll do another one of those “three movies per day” things…I just have to find the day to do it. Not to mention I still have to watch “The return of the king” extended edition which runs for about four hours.

And since they (although I think it`s only a she) are rising the traffic for my blog, it`s only fair to do the same for them (plus she says she likes my style and my photos so…some additional publicity never hurt anybody, right?).

Tomorrow is monday, this week was good, the weekend was not too borning and I learned a lot. I`ll provide the details some other time, let`s just say that being nervous about an unknown situation does not mean that the situation is fucked up already. And that every thing has at least two ways of looking at it. Which usually cancel each other out so you can chose only one. I just hope I am doing the right thing.

Good night and have a good start of the week tomorrow.

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