I just finished watching Fahrenheit 9/11. I know, I should`ve seen it earlier but I guess I just did not have time (or a better divx copy). The thing that bothers me or has affected me the most is not the movie itself, but the additional footage included on the DVD. I don`t know if you saw this, seeing how most of the people saw the movie in the theater or on divx, but there`s this piece that shows Iraq before the war, just random shots of the streets, people, children…and I just…sigh. Never mind. Moving onto the next subject…

What exactly is the next subject? Hmm…must`ve slipped my mind. My head hurts a little. Maybe I am losing my ability to write stuff. Hmm. Every well does dry up eventually and maybe at the age of 23 I reached my bottom (ahem). Maybe this is the last thing I`ll be able to write. And half of it is just mindless drivel. Can a drivel be mindful anyway? Another one of those mind boggling questions.

I think it`s time for my second photo request offer (my, what a sentence). The rules are the same, three photos per person and try to be creative. Or not. Whatever, just tell me what you want. This offer will expire in four days (so I`ll do them over the weekend and present them on Monday).

I`ll try and do another featurette “On the bus“. Last try did not do so good due to the fact that I did not have anywhere to sit and everything was way too shaky, plus it was dark and I did not dare to use a flash. I don`t know why but I get shy when taking pictures of people. Sort of like the indians, afraid it`ll take their soul or something. Anyway, I guess this will be the mission of the day. I hope it works. Or something.

And now, I`ll be leaving, getting some coffee and then going home to get some proper food. Another mystery of life is that toast and cheese is not a food that makes you feel full in the morning. I don`t know why but that`s just the way things are…

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