…are playing as I type this. Not a very creative day in terms of blog post titles.

And so it is done. The “Bus ride” gallery. It`s funny what one can achieve if one just sets one`s mind to it (and if one shall use one more one article, one will get punched in the face by one`s fist).

In other news, it`s very hard for me to find a decent bone to pick today. I tried every possible thing from politics and the Slovene nationalist party trying to implement the curriculum with the “homeland education” (any better translation of the “domovinska vzgoja”?), to ranting about Bush and Iraq and stuff (boring, even the newspapers are getting tired of it) and how the press is bullshitting us with the tsunami coverage. I also took the political compass test and these are the results. In comparison, it seems that I am located somewhere between Ghandi and Friedman. To which I conclude that I have no business in the today`s world. Or maybe that I should start my own movement and die as a martyr. Or a drama queen. Whatever will come first. Speaking of tsunami, one individual found my blog through this google query “tsunami don’t bitch!! if anything this tsunami proved there are too many people“.

Nice. Goes hand in hand with this. Well, almost. She`s nicer 😉

Again I would like to point out to this… and for those of you who don`t like to click and read other posts, let me just repeat that I think it`s time for my second photo request offer (my, what a sentence). The rules are the same, three photos per person and try to be creative. Or not. Whatever, just tell me what you want. This offer will expire in four days (so I`ll do them over the weekend and present them on Monday). I would also like to point out that Gmail invites are still available and please don`t be shy to beg. Ahem. Ask. Demand. Whatever.

And we are done for today. Not a very productive day, but compared to the panda who does nothing but eat and sleep (almost 20 hours of both activities combined) I did good.

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