I don`t know why but it seems that time is slowing down. Like I`m in a vortex and everything is happening slower than usual. I tried to watch a movie but I guess today is the day that the player said nay. Hm. Rhymes. Funny. Sort of. Not. Moving on… or not. Hm. Poem. With that title. Now. From me. Ok. here we go…

Today is the day…

It was obvious to me,
the message that the birds convey,
that today will be the day,
that the player will say nay.

The skies were grey, the wind was blowing,
the people shaking from the cold,
the bus was late, the clerk was boring,
the toast, the cheese, the tea were old.

An add was screaming from its page,
in silent, black and reddish rage,
offering me good advice,
go out and buy a DVD…cheap price!

The offer tempted me for sure
since I`m a student, dumb and poor,
and I got out and bought it all,
the paper, cd in the mall.

As I came to my workplace,
fell into the warmth embrace,
sticking in the dvd and then
behold what did I see.

There was an error on my screen
something I have never seen,
a window small, with just one word,
that made me shiver worse than cold.

I tried every trick I know,
install, reboot, you know…the show,
but error just kept coming back,
like a vampire, dressed in black.

Anyway, long story short,
I know this poem sucks and more,
I know that nobody is reading it,
so I am gonna take a… (finish this line yourself).

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