This post is mainly about me bragging I took a bath and now my fingertips are all wrinkled.

But I won`t end at this, since it`s not my style. I could rant about Harry Potter…oh…sorry… scratch the Potter bit…Harry, the prince of Great Britain dressing up as a nazi bastard. Fucking assholes. To dress up in a nazi costume and then say that it was a “poor choice of costume” shows two things. Number one, the person saying that has no clue as to what the nazis did and number two, that person is a fashion idiot. I wonder which is worse. Others should play along and do to him what the allies did to the germans at the end of the war. Throw him in jail.

A piece of the article, published in the New York Times

Over the years, the royal family has committed an array of gaffes, many of them by Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, who reinforced his reputation for ill-chosen utterances in 1997 when he addressed Helmut Kohl, then chancellor of Germany, as “Reichskanzler” the title used by Adolf Hitler.

Not only that, as The Evening Standard of London among others pointed today, the royal family had an ambiguous relationship with Germany and the Nazis. The House of Windsor was created only in 1917 when the royal family changed its name from the house of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, a name it acquired with the marriage in 1840 of Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

In the 1930’s, moreover, some members of the royal family were widely seen by Britons as openly sympathetic to the Nazi regime. In one iconic photograph reprinted in The Evening Standard today, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, smiling broadly, were seen greeting Adolf Hitler.

Nice one. I guess young prince assh…sorry…charming had to pick it up from somebody. Maybe his daddy kept a little souvenir in the closet…you know, just in case. Ah well, as long as it stays in the family. Right?

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