Today was a beautiful day. Many things contributed to it, so a big shout to the weather which managed to keep a straight face and giving us a little bit of its lovin`, to the people who offered an opportunity for my rant which I will do in a second, and to the world in general.

First, let me just point out the upper photo and say that this one is for Vincent and Wolfgang. You can see the rest of the photo session with the bridge here.

And now, for my daily rant let me say a few words about people who walk through the city. Ever noticed the way they walk? It`s like a goddamn stampedo. Like everybody`s got an agenda and they`re sticking to it come hell and high water. C`mon! Watch where you`re going. Otherwise I think I`ll start wearing those shoulder pads the american football playes wear. And start listening to the “Ride of the Valkyrias” on my daily strolls through the streets. Or just start punching people in the faces as they walk like a bunch of elephants. I know I probably sound like an 80 yrs. old grand mother, ranting about “youth and them having no respect for the elders” but still…it bugs me. I don`t like being tossed around like a puppet. Especially if there`s plenty of room to keep a safe trajectory. I mean…jesus…and you can see they can see you and they can see the fact that eventually you two are going to bump, but nooo…let`s just floor it and see what happens. I swear you can almost see them closing their eyes. And then when the inevitable happens they give you that look like…grrr. Bah.

OK, I just came up with this site through his blog. Erm. Those of you who think that this is a joke…raise your hand. Please, let me see those hands. Cause…if this is real…then…then…
Which reminds me, I saw both of the Moore`s movies now, gonna see “Roger and me” this weekend probably. I saw a sticker that said “The only good thing about Bush winning the office for four more years is that Michael Moore will make more movies“. Everything is good for something, right?

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