and I wonder why is that exactly? Come to think of it, sunday would be a perfect day to blog, sort of do a review of the whole week. Instead all you get is empty posts or nothing at all.
Maybe I am just being too harsh since I judge the whole blogosphere from the point of my blogroll which is…small. Tiny.

Anyway, fun day which comes as a shock since it was sunday after all. Maybe cause I spent most of the day studying and repeating the linguistics drivel. The good thing about is that I know tons of useless stuff that I will forget the second I pass the exam. It`s actually sad, cramming all that useless knowledge while the real wisdom awaits me…out there…where the grass is green and the…erm…whatever.

Sunday is also the day with no email, no phone calls, no contact from the outside world. Why is that? Cause everybody is too busy, too tired…too psyched about the new week coming? All of the above?

Cause…don`t tell me everbody is studying general linguistics on sunday? 😉

Anyway, besides studying I went for a walk, took the unusual route, went down to the river (oh, how romantic) and saw all the sewerage that pours into it (and the romance is gone). It`s so funny walking around on sunday, seeing those people walking and talking. It almost seems like you don`t see them during the week or that people change tremendously on sunday. Their pace, their face expressions, their body language…completely different than during the week. It`s a shame I did not have my camera with, I just forgot to take it since my head was still in the “lingua world” and there were a few of those nifty photo opportunities (like always). People walking along the river, in twos or threes, friends taking group photos of each other, old people talking to themselves while they are taking a stroll (that always puzzles me if I am around cause I almost feel obliged to join the conversation). The path is littered with the garbage from the night before, empty wine bottles, pieces of paper and cigarette stubs… god is in details.

I also noticed that my phone and my pc speakers are dying on me. Not dead completely, they still perform in their basic sense but the signs are there. The speakers are playing mono. The phone works but the battery dries up in a day. Fun.

I found this comic through his blog. Both of them are good. Think I`ll keep them. I`ve been also reading two books, Old Ace in the hole and On the road. Fun stuff. Good end of the weekend all in all. See you tomorrow.

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