I know, I should write something else, but let me just say that it was a tiresome day, I feel sleepy and nothing really happened. It was just one of those days. Work-study-sleep. Hope tomorrow will be better. And now… (please…feel free to spit in comments).


Long before my time,
seven stars were shining bright,
demolishing vast darkness,
bringing in the light.

Birth of human isn?t much,
we are born, we live and die,
yesterday?s tomorrow?s past,
space is black and vast.

Hundred years from now,
I will leave this place,
zero in infinity,
laughing Death in face.

Opening my eyes in terror,
life is nothing but a path,
when you reach the end,
you and me are dead.

Love is nothing but a hunt,
hunt for reputation,
nothing matters in the end,
ultimate retaliation.

When I look outside in dark,
alone I?m walking in the park,
life is nothing but a cell
in which I will forever dwell.

Many people have I met,
few of them are dead,
others fighting for survival,
hope broke into sheds.

People terrorizing people,
where?s the fun in that?
Let?s just kill each other now,
let us all play God.

People killing people,
in the name of God,
making better future,
making deadly cut.

Children dying in the mud,
band keeps playing on,
walking on an endless road,
look, there is new dawn.

Humans from tomorrow
are haunted from the past,
fighting for survival,
curse! upon them cast.

Betrayal in the name of
victims of insanity,
everlasting pain,
gone into infinity.

Corpses from the past,
they are guiding me,
useless is resistance,
killing my existence.

You, my love, my only hope,
the only one I love,
helping in the way of life,
beautiful like dove.

In you lies an Angel,
goddess-like you are to me,
helping me survive,
escaping from infinity.

Take a look at you, my dear,
and tell me – what you see?
Can?t you see it, can?t you feel it,
Heaven lying deep in thee.

When we lie in cool, green grass,
Orion shines on us,
changing dark to light,
primal titans fight.

Lips of you divine,
red and full like wine,
I?m in Heaven kissing you,
my love to you, my dear, is true.

Smile lighting up the skies,
beauty in you never dies,
sun is shining in your eyes,
you?re the cure for all my cries.

Hands are made of silk,
skin is white as milk,
your beauty will die never,
like Orion shines forever.

Every time I look at you,
fire starts to burn in me,
fire letting out true love,
fire setting my soul free.

But love is like a piece of glass,
fire burning out at last,
kisses that were sent by you,
now became the past.

Now I wonder all alone,
rain is falling down on me,
my heart is turned to stone,
living in my misery.

Orion shining down on me,
like a curse from hell,
you my dearest are the witch,
that has cast this spell.

Crying in the drops of rain,
deeply in my pain,
my poor heart is dead,
my poor mind is mad.

You are laughing in my face,
all alone in big black space,
erasing coldly my last trace,
you are goddess with dead mace.

Sun has gone to hell,
darkness riding high,
life is cell in which I dwell,
I just wanna die.

Nothing matters to me now,
I was left by you,
pain is eating up my heart,
now I know that Hell is true.

Darkness everywhere I go,
Orion is the past,
life running out of me,
Hello, Death! We meet at last.

Now I put my corpse to sleep,
I shall sleep forever,
Orion is upon me now,
again shall see it never…

The End

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