First a funny yet scary fact…I sat down, staring at the screen, trying to figure out what`s wrong with the computer. After three minutes…I realised. I have to turn the thing on. Sigh. Someone cue the Pixies. Where is my mind?

I guess the weather is still retaining a bit of its old behaviour. Snow comes in the winter. Now is winter, ergo, here comes the snow! If only in the shape of some weird “thing” falling out of the sky, turning everything white and then melting away in a second.

Feeling a little better than yesterday, still a little tired. Think my father is coming down with a cold and he woke me up at four o`clock in the morning with his cough. Let`s hope he gets better, if not for other reason so I can sleep (I know…you DO know that I am joking, right?).

Glad to report that as far as the “Holland in February” plan goes, the ball is in my court now. Meaning that I have to pass the exam and then, we are off. I just got an email from Deborah`s mother, saying it`s ok to come and stay. So I should probably start making a list of things to pack. Any amusing ideas? 😉

An official invitation – if you don`t have anything to do tomorrow night at eight o`clock and you are in Ljubljana district, drop in the Cyberpipe for an amusing lecture of Web Styling. The lecturer will be yours trully and you should come if for nothing else then to laugh at the mistakes I am going to make/say. Anyway, you`re invited. Yes, you too.

What else? Anybody wanna bet if Bush will walk to the White House tomorrow? He didn`t make it the first time. There were too many eggs in the way.

The editing went well yesterday. We did it in an astonishing three hours. Funny, come to think of it, we had an hour of material, we were making a three minute piece, we did a two minute and a half show and it took us three hours. You do the math on that one. So you are all invited to see the thing airing on RTVSLO, second programme, 14.2.2004, at 20:30. And for those being cursed with not being able to see the RTVSLO (which is really a blesssing, trust me), I`ll post the link to a stream when it becomes available. Funny fact…the editing guy had no idea what was this blogging business all about and I almost managed to convince him to start his own. Whoo-hoo! I should be a salesman. I used the old “there are people who post nude photos of themselves” trick. Works every time.

Did anyone write to these guys? I think I`ll do it.

That is all for today. And now…I`m gonna do my mail. See ya around.

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