Hello, Laibach!

I am the minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzhupis Republic, Thomas

We had chosen You as the best representatives for our country in

Uzhupis republic was created according to the will of its citizens
on the 1st April 1998 in one of the regions of the
Old City of Vilnius, Lithuania. During its existence
it was honored as a brother region of Montmartre and Christiania,
as long as became a symbol of Free State of a new type
to the Eastern Europe.

It has ambassadors in 87 places, including Poetry, Sand and Wind,
Cinema, and Misunderstandings. Numerous festivals,
concerts, films and shows were held during these years,
sculptures created (the biggest is a sculpture of Uzhupis Angel
by R.Vilchiauskas on our main square)

Uzhupis (Zarzecze) means "A place beyond the river" in Lithuanian..

Our Independence Day is 1st April/

We have our President, Premier- and other Ministers, Flag, Hymn and

I'd like to send you an accreditation by post,
if you'll agree to be our ambassadors.

With best wishes/
Sincerely Yours,

Thomas Chapatti

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