No, not me. C`mon, I rarely scream. It is actually funny how things happen the moment you step outside into the world. Spend my day at work and right now I am waiting for eight o`clock so I can give the lecture. I thought some friends will be here already but alas, I am not right every time. Anyway, I went to get something to eat and as I was waiting for the hamburger, in walks a blonde.

I am not being a rasist or connecting certain features with certain attitudes, but I noticed that blondes scream more than other people. And I don`t mean in bed or anything like that…this is your normal day-to-day conversation. And c`mon, you come into a restaurant, not everybody has to know that you WENT SWIMMING WITH YOU FRIEND AND IT WAS AWESOME AND EVERYBODY SHOULD GO AND TAKE A DIP!!! I mean really, I know that my hearing is a little sensitive and the meaning of “loud” varies, but this girl was… blood-curling. She could be used for a siren or a fog horn. Or both. At the same time.

I don`t know why do people think that everybody needs to hear them. I bet there`s an illness with a very similar symptoms. “People who talk so loud like their pants are on fire”. I mean, unless they are working with a hearing impaired people who need a little higher volume, talking so loud that the windows begin to vibrate is just not healty. Plus they usually talk about something “personal”. Thanks to the blonde, I know know SHE IS DATING SOMEONE FROM THE AMERICAN EMBASSY BUT SHE WON`T MARRY HIM CAUSE SHE JUST WANTS TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!

This reminded me of the “Trigger happy” series, where the guy is walking around with a HUGE mobile phone which rings like there was five church-bells near and then the guy answers it screaming “WHAT?? HELLO?? NO…I`M IN A RESTAURANT! A RESTAURANT!!!”. Anyway, it was like that…only I don`t think that she was making a joke out of it.

In times like these, my mind always comes up with funny ideas. You know …funny *wink*wink*. Things you think about but never actually do. Cause it`s just not right. One of those things includes walking up to the person who is screaming about HER VERY PAINFUL FOOT SURGERY ON HER LEFT THUMB AND IT WAS A REAL GUSHER LET ME TELL YOU THAT!!! and scream in even bigger letters I WANNA BE A WALLABY!!! and then leaving the scene like nothing happened. Would be fun to see what would happen.

In other news, it was a boring day, spend most of my time at work alone, reading and repeating the stuff for the exam. I really should drop by the faculty and check out the old exams. Tomorrow. I`ll put it on my to-do list.

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