And here we are again, friday and weekend is upon us and I am again presented with a problem, what to do?

First, the good things. I managed to transcript the whole interview and my ears are eternally grateful to me. And a mental note, never send a lawyer to do a journalist`s job. One more, never send a lawyer to do a journalist`s job on a lawyer. What I mean is that the “interview” consists of five questions (give or take) and it lasts for 88 minutes. Sheesh. And the guy even slows down every once in a while, letting the interviewer to ask another question or change the subject…but the babe just keeps quiet and let`s him talk. For 88 minutes!!! A perfect example on how not to do it. Especially if you are interviewing a story teller…who can actually talk for hours. The least of your problem when having an interview like this, is the editing part. Everything he says is so tightly connected to one another, there`s almost impossible to cut things. Ah well, I`m just glad it`s not my interview.

Second good thing is that I got myself a new razor. YEY! No more pulling skin off of my face. Will test it tomorrow and see if this is really so much better. The four blade thing I mean.

The third best thing is that I got the new album from Apocalyptica and although the songs are somewhat weaker than on the previous releases (way too much singing if you ask me) they still sound nice.

The bad thing is that I feel exhausted. Mentally and physically. I almost wish I`d get sick so that my body could take a time-out and then come back, bigger, stronger and…erm…uncut. I almost dread the next week and the exam being the least of my worries. The TV thing is not going so good, all the actors are either sick, busy or something in between and we`re suppose to do a shooting on wednesday and right now, all the crew is missing. So I have to find three people by wednesday and get them to act. In my book that spells mission: impossible. Which leads to another stress situation. Sigh. Sometimes I feel I should just lock myself somewhere and never come out. Just blind myself and go deaf, not hearing or seeing the outter world. Just close my mouth forever and cut off my fingers. Make a sculpture out of myself. And go to sleep.

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