I know, stupid title but I got nothing else on my mind right now. Unless you want something from the Apocalyptica, but I think those are a little too much.

Day went by ok, nothing special to report on the home front. I got some sleep, re-read my last post from yesterday and it just…it`s “funny” how my mind and body work. I often wonder when and how I lost that ability of…balance. Or maybe gaining a new ability of being too sensitive for my own good. Which is worse, we will never know for sure.

I saw Lord of the rings: The return of the king extended DVD edition and let me tell you…you did not see this movie unless you watched this extended version. The whole thing spans over four hours and it`s so more…composed. When I saw the movie in the theater you could so clearly see where did they edit it. But this edition…it`s poetry. Almost an hour of extra material and it shows. New dialogues, new scenes…and I actually did not feel bored like I did when I saw the edited version. Especially the ending was so boring and stretched out in the edited version but here…it`s perfect. Poetry. I really don`t know why they did not let this edition run in the theaters. Four hours is not all that long for a decent movie.

I studied but there is not much more I can do. Gonna do a full check tomorrow and then hope for the best. Or just go there and do my stuff. Nothing else for me to do, right? This is actually the second worst feeling, the last day before the exam, when you feel like you should learn something more and at the same time see that you went through everything and that there`s nothing new for you to read or study. Ah, well…

The TV guys called, asking me if there`s any progress on the actors. I told them no. And I know they are just doing their job and I am just doing my job but this role-playing is so exhausting. You know what I mean? When you are asked things just cause you need to be asked and you answer them just cause you need to answer them. In reality, nobody cares about it. Still have to write one more script. Sigh.

I was reading the horoscope in the newspaper and it said I ought to take it easy and relax. Dumb people. Almost as if they are mocking me. Here, a few of the horoscopes predictions for today (seeing how it`s almost midnight and these things are almost out-of-date)…

Horoscope one:
You have plenty to do, and if you are willing to listen and confer with others, you will find it much easier to accomplish your goals. Social and family events will be informative.

Horoscope two:
Cultivate mutuality and understanding. You can improve the relationships…. Go with the flow. Be creative and sexy. Enjoy top notch professional entertainment…. You’re challenged to stay lively and alert. Double-check all details. Buy some recycled paper…. Your genuine respect can have miraculous effects…. Your efforts can bring you recognition.

Horoscope three:
There is no reason for you to keep criticizing yourself, Libra. You did the best you could, but not everything was under your control. A recent business investment will soon bring you some more money.

Horoscope four:
The way things have normally been achieved in the past may not be working just now. It is time to change your style or perhaps, update your work. There may be an advisor that could help you make a few changes. Philosophy, balance and critical thinking become more and more a part of your mental patterns and the way you communicate. You are inventive, original, high-tech individual. You have some design plans that are worth discussing with the proper business channels. Practice your presentation on the young people that are around you today–get their feedback. You could be entertaining some friends this evening. Relax and forget work for a while. Enjoy this opportunity to abandon your work frustrations. Friends are full of smiles. Don’t like crowds.

…and so on and so forth.

There was a test with horoscopes when they rounded up some students of medicine and gave them all “personalized” horoscopes individually, asking the students to read them and then tell them how many of those things were true. And each and every one said more than 75% were true. And in the end, they told the students that it was all the same piece of paper.

The new razor works like a charm. Maybe cause it`s new or maybe cause it`s four-bladed, but as long as it works, I am cool.

I feel better in general than yesterday, maybe sleeping had something to do with it. Sometimes everything changes so rapidly, even I cannot believe it. Definitely a matter of focus but why does it change and why does it swing so much? Is it my fault? Or is it something I cannot control? And what exactly am I trying to achieve with it?

More to come I guess…

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