I always do this. Usually not on paper, but in my head, nevertheless, the point remains the same. I think of it as my prayer (or as the closest thing to a prayer, since I do not believe in God) and it calms me down. Or gets me psyched. Either works.

At noon tomorrow, I will be taking the exam from the “Culture and history of language”. This subject has been haunting me since the elementary school. Rules, lists…I could never get them into my head. It sucks basically cause there is no real knowledge if you don`t know how to use it. And this is my mother`s tongue we are talking about. Which basically comes down for us to study something we really do not need. Some things are there just for the show. And we have to play the game.

So tomorrow I will play the game. Their game. Their rules. I believe in myself and in my knowledge, in my ability to improvise if needed and not to lose my focus. Nothing is impossible, nothing is unknown. We will take nothing less than a complete victory. We will prevail.

I feel confident. It`s been so long since the last time I was on campus, sat there and faced an exam. Maybe that`s a good thing. Veni, vidi, vici.

In other news…

Glorious day today, walked around, taking photos again. See the gallery, it`s not much but it`s a start. I am thinking of doing the “Grafitti of Ljubljana” gallery with a map or something. Maybe even do a photomonography of our capitol, covering all the “hot spots”. Another one of those things for my “To do in 2005” list.

A reminder…since blogpoll has not been doing so good lately and the service is going weak, I am terminating it until further notice. It`s not like anybody will miss it anyway 😛

The snow came and went with the same speed, I don`t think we`ll be having any real winter soon. Tomorrow the deadline for a photo contest expires and then we wait and see just how many rewards we will get 🙂 Would be fun if I actually did win something or just get my photos published. I entered the contest with this this this this this this and this. I know the title of the contest said “The joys of Winter” but hey! where was winter, huh? No snow, no kids playing, no snowballs…so I had to improvise.

I started this post at seven…now it`s nine. I think I am done for today. Thanks to all of you out there who wished me good luck. I won`t let u down.