It was a good day. One of those days you feel good about the world, the people and even yourself. When there is just enough of everything and every little cog matches and the machine is rolling. When you hear victory music on your way home. When the world is a good place to live in.

Woke up early in the morning, as usual before any exam, nervous a little. Made myself a proper breakfast and then went to the faculty.

This exam has a strong “emotional” charge. Basically what it is it`s a mixture of grammar rules, linguistic theory and history of the development of our language. Fun stuff. If you`re into that kind of things of course. Yours truly is not. So it`s one of those things you HAVE to do and you and they both know that it is not going to be of much use…in the long run. It`s not like you meet grammar of your mother tongue for the first time on the faculty. Anyway, this exam, let`s call it “general linguistics and history” has been following me for three years now. I know, I suck. It is one of the toughest exams on the faculty and I think the professor is proud of that fact. Go figure, huh? Anyway, it`s one of those exams that helps reducing the folk who move onto the next grade. Plus, the lectures are boring and there is really nothing important being said so you are basically stuck with a grammar book and a history book that reads like a phonebook. Name + three lines of data. Repeat. Ad 140.

The exam is made out of three parts. History, “checking for errors” text and basic development of language stuff. The tricky part is, if you don`t get at least 60% at every part, you fail. In fact, if you don`t get at least 60% at the first part, they don`t even bother to check the second and the third. Fun shit.

So, to explain the last picture-post a little (I was a little tired at the time and still under the influence of the exam experience), I would like to thank everyone who thought of me while I was taking the exam and I think that this time we had a lift-off. I know that I usually miss with these predictions and then the disappointment is even bigger but this time it`s different. Cause I just…I knew stuff. It seems horrible in a way, saying that, being so convinced in something, but I just cannot feel any otherwise. The exam took 45 minutes, I used up all of my time to double-check and re-trace stuff. I know it went well (a horrible sentence, but nevertheless …this is how I feel). Knowing something is always “weird”. It means that there is a certainty present and certainties scare me since I long for them and on the other hand they are not easy to find. We`ll see how it goes. They said the results will be back in a week. Let`s hope so. I think there is actually a law that orders the professors to get the results back in under a week, but nobody follows that rule. I remember professors who scheduled the exam in july and then went on holiday and got the results back in august or even september, just days before the next exam term. Fun auf the autobahn!

As a “you did well” gift to myself, I went out and bought a dvd. Collateral. I think the director is one of the finest currently “on the market” and I love every movie made by him. Michael Mann also directed movies like “The last of the Mohicans”, “Heat” and “The Insider”. He has a way of directing that I like. The way he uses the camera. The soft colors. Almost feels like the actors are not moving through air, but through a slighty thicker medium. The pan shots of the city, lights and night scenes. I think I will see it tomorrow, right now I feel a little to tired to sit through it. It`s a very good movie, don`t get me wrong, but right now I do not think I can “match” its goodness 😉

Even the TV thing is coming along OK (finally!) and we are having a costume rehersal tomorrow. At noon. Which is great cause I need some sleep. And on wednesday, we are doing the actual shoot. At eight in the morning. And I still have to write another piece of material so we can do two in one try. Another notification – my piece about blogs and blogging will be featured in the March episode, which kind of sucks. Why? Two things. First, there is some talk about recent events and the tsunami. In March, not only will the tsunami be old news, half of the people won`t even remember it. And second, blogs that will be shown on television have all dates. And it`ll be really fun to see dates from December 2004 and January 2005 in a March show. Ah well…

Plans for tomorrow…taking it easy, catch up with my emails, and relax. The battle is over and we won. Onwards! To glory!

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