Mind like the weather…

12.01.2005  •  Osebno0

Slow and dumb and grey.

Stone temple pilots

11.01.2005  •  Osebno0

…are playing as I type this. Not a very creative day in terms of blog post titles. And so it is done. The “Bus ride” gallery. It`s funny what one can achieve if one just sets one`s mind to it (and if one shall use one more one article, one will get punched in the

I just finished watching Fahrenheit 9/11. I know, I should`ve seen it earlier but I guess I just did not have time (or a better divx copy). The thing that bothers me or has affected me the most is not the movie itself, but the additional footage included on the DVD. I don`t know if

This day was so boring…

10.01.2005  •  Osebno0

that if this was a purchase…I`d want my money back.

Flea market!

09.01.2005  •  Osebno0

Thanks to my blogging mistress, I got a great tip where to unleash my thirst for macro abuse and interesting motives of stuff you don`t see every day. The flea market! It was located on the both banks of the Ljubljanica and it was interesting to see the stuff people sell and trade in such

I don`t know why, but I got “Black hawk down” soundtrack in my ears for two days now. Music is fantasic. If you want to hear the best of Hans Zimmer, listen to it and try to get “Thin red line”. And you got it all. “Leave no man behind” is one of the best

Friday, anyone?

07.01.2005  •  Osebno0

It`s so funny how day names don`t matter any more. Ever get that? The name is there, but it does not mean anything. In my “previous” life, every day had a meaning. Every name had a meaning. Connotation and denotation (I`m sorry, I studied linguistics a bit today). It was something like this… Monday –

I am perfectly still. The sound is the only thing moving in the room right now. My eyes burn a little and my head feels heavy. I don`t feel like doing this today. It`s been a rough day. It`s not over yet. It hurts. Took two decent photos today. This is one of the pair.

Testing grounds

06.01.2005  •  Osebno0

Well, I learned a valuable lesson today. It goes something like “If the little red light indicating that you should use a flash is blinking, that means that you should use a flash“. I know, I know, something you all already know. It`s just that I took fifteen good photos which in the end sucked

Again, I am slightly clueless about the post titles so I guess you have to thank Zero 7 for providing this one. Great band. Heard their “In the waiting line” in the “Garden state” movie soundtrack. Trip hop is nice. Well, the TV thing is over for a while, at least till March. Editing is