Colors of Ljubljana

28.02.2005  •  Osebno0

It was actually not so bad. Not so bad at all. I woke up way too early. I guess part of the reason being that I went to bed at half past nine. Sheesh. Like I`m ten or something. And eventhough I love to get up early cause I do most of my work in

The previous post turned out a little differently than I expected. What I really wanted to talk about are emails. By emails, I am referring to nice emails, not the kind where people are trying to convince you to a) enlarge your penis b) get an on-line degree or c) get your degree by enlarging

It`s so weird how little things change everything. This time, for the good. Yes, you heard me right, the good ole Marvin the Robot wannabe has some good things in his life. Which is really a shock, for me probably a bigger one than for the rest of you. And now, I would like to

Death wish

27.02.2005  •  Osebno3

It`s so funny when it happens. How natural and normal it seems at that precise moment. To die. Wishing for death. I am not talking about good ole christian “go to heaven/hell” type of death-wish. It`s more of a “When will this crap end??” type of wish. Losing yourself, even for a second, can have

It is art, you know. Being sick, handling yourself and at the same time not feel the need to jump through the window…that takes a lot of skill. Nothing happens, everything stays the same and everything moves so slowly. I usually get better not cause of the drugs and pills, but cause of sheer will

There you go. Blogger archives have been relocated, the Blogger blog has been deleted and we are now one step closer to make this blog fully operational. Last step remains, the server relocation. You won`t see a thing. Except the speed of page-loads will increase dramatically. Another good news is that this blog is now

This is a photo of a village idiot. He also happens to be one of the leading sports commentators in Slovenia, focusing mostly on nordic disciplines (skiing and ski-jumps). His style is unparallel. His voice no match for others. He is…the biggest asshole of them all. Let`s face it, sport journalists are not the brightest