Ah well, just as you thought that everything you planned is going to happen, life bites you in the ass. It`s a cute bite, but a bite nevertheless. But first thing`s first.

Today I almost ran out of time. There is still one thing I have to do today and the emails will have to wait till tomorrow which sucks, since I`ve been postponing them since weekend but…c`est la vie. Right now I am desperately trying to come up with another script for tomorrow so that we can do two at one time. Which is kinda hard…never rush a genious and all that bollocks. But I guess this one has to be rushed since it`s already ten and he is not getting any younger. Or his mind is not getting any more creative. Google to the rescue!

Today we spend almost three hours picking clothes for the actors. Sheesh. And tomorrow I have to be there at eight in the morning. A bastard of an hour. And the cold is nice too <-- note the irony. It`s so funny (actually it sucks, but we are being positive) how certain days fly by with some things left to do for tomorrow and how some days drag along like an eighty-year old man, gutted, with the knife still inside his bowels (OK, a little too graphical, but you get the point).

I guess I won`t be going to Holland after all. At least not in February. Turns ouf that we are not ready for plan A and a little short of cash for plan B. Plus the weather sucks in February so we are postponing the whole thing till the summer.

In other news…

I went out today, played some pool. It was nice. And it was the first after a very long time. And now I am stuck here, it`s eleven o`clock and I STILL don`t have a script for tomorrow. Sigh. Better get to it. Where`s coffee when you need it:)?

Furious angels is a song/album title from Rob Dougan. You probably heard his “Clubbed to death” in “The Matrix” movie but his whole album is good stuff. Somewhere between pure electro and classical music, with lots of strings and piano.

Bah. It`s now 23:37 and I did not come up with one good joke. Sucks, sucks sucks. Will have to improvise. Sucks, sucks sucks. See you tomorrow.

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