No, I don`t mean catchy, schnappi-like tunes (video file here). I mean my hip is making sounds. Which is really scaring, walking around like some jolly roger with a wooden leg. Sigh. Maybe my left leg is trying to tell me something.

This morning was…different. In a bad way. Due to the fact that I had to be at the TV station at eight, I woke up at six and decided that today I will make myself a proper breakfast, not like usual, when I just grab whatever is there on the counter. So I made myself some real tea, a glass of juice, four pieces of toast and some scrambled eggs. At half past six o`clock in the morning. And then, I decided I will read the morning paper and as I turned the page (mind you, my hand-eye coordination sucks in the morning (even more than usual) – mental note for anyone who wants to go hunting with me) I knocked over the tea cup and the tea spilled over my toast. I tried to save the cup from falling on the floor and breaking and with that move, I also spilled the juice. It took me almost five seconds to even realise that hot tea is running down my trousers and that I should intiate, as I like to call it, plan C. Which means cursing in foreign language, jumping up and trying to wipe the pants down. With the plan intiated, I stopped to evaluate. Tea, dripping from the table – 4 points. Eggs, ruined by juice – 6 points. Toast, soaking in tea – 3 points. Total – 13 points. Summa summarum – Got any apples?

Our “first among equal” guys (see –> the parliament) ratified the european constitution, which was a really funny event. The ratification means that you can either adopt it or refuse it. Yes or no. 1 or 0. It`s more of a ceremonial thing, the guy comes up, says “All opposed…shut the fuck up and leave the room…now let`s vote” and the whole thing is over before you know it. Of course, we wanted to do it our way. So we held a discussion. Maybe I should spell that with a capital D. A Discussion. Which is something like stepping up to the altar with your soon-to-be-your-spouse and then discuss the whole reasons for and against marrying her/him with the rest of the church. Fun shit really. And of course, everybody except the slovenian nazi…sorry…national party adopted it (people in the back going…NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!).

So, after the breakfast fiasco I went to the TV station, trying to think the second script on my way. I guess genius is not to be rushed. It was only my luck that we were filming outside and that we decided it`s probably best to do one now and then two more in March. And then it`s over, cause they are changing the concept of the show and my services in that field will no longer be required. Will have to start looking for either more involvement in other sectors (like that piece about blogging) or move altogether to a different media. I`m thinking newspapers. Or magazines or something. Will probably end up writing horoscopes or answering letters. Hm. Mental note – write a CV and send it around. Let it circulate. Have to start early since the media space is really tiny (considering the other fields of employment) and as they say….an early bird catches a worm (although calling your job a worm is not really what I am hoping for here).

A funny thing happened to me as I was driving to the faculty (I know it`s old but I was a little too tired to write about it earlier and it`s pure luck that the thing did not leave my mind yet). Anyway, I wrote about Ljubljana public transportation on my “first” blog and it was in slovene, so maybe I`ll sit down and translate it into english, but anyway, there were these two old ladies on the bus. You know the type…hair done, earrings and rings, posh suit, trying to look twenty when in reality they are sixty and stuff like that. Any they were talking…about stuff. Chatting. And I laughed so hard on the inside, that I almost died. First they bitched about who rude the bus drivers are. Then they complained about how it`s hard to get a seat on the bus these days cause the youth is just…too much (mind you, they were both sitting). Then they ranted about how the city does not take care of the elders, how there`s nowhere you can go and have fun (define fun for the sixty-yeard olds). Then they bitched about the cops and the new traffic laws which have significantly higher penalties for speeding, driving over a red light and stuff like that. And one of them said “And I am always so careful…always! But three days ago, I got pulled over for speeding!” And the other said “Those bastards!” It was like hearing Bonnie and Clyde talking. And some more “And you`d expect that the money they get from fines would go to rebuilding of the roads and stuff…but noo….they keep it all to themselves!” I really think if that was true, the policemen would be shoting each other over who gets to charge the next jay-walker.

Plans for the rest of the day? Tough one. I think I`ll go shopping. CSI, season three. And then do another one of those marathons. Sucker for movies I guess. Other than that, I am seriously thinking of going somewhere. Taking a car and just drive. Maybe visit my grand-parents on the coast. Stay there for a couple of days. Or over the weekend. Just to…”air” myself a little. Plus I love the sea. Other than that, I should really do my mails (hate it when mail gets backlogged). See you around.