Ah well, snow again decided to show its presence and right now the landscape is being covered by white fluffy things. Which by morning will turn into brown, squishy things. Which is a definitive no-no in my book. OK, more like “why do we have to put up with this *peeep*” but it translates into a no-no.

This week was hard. I guess I am getting too old for rush jobs like these. And on the other hand, it`s good that we are almost through with it and that nothing like this is forseen in the near future. On the other hand, I hope it does not get too calm, cause that`s even worse. I guess balance is (again) the key.

It was also a week of discoveries, of regaining my old-self and maybe even finding out some new things about myself. You never know when you are finding out some truly new things or when you are just telling yourself the truth and uncovering a lie that was there before. But then again, lies and the truth are just the opposite sides of the same coin. Coin that is life.

My brain is empty.