We all wear them. We all hide behind them. It`s in our nature. Revelation is something that is kept until the very last moment. Nothing stays the same after the revelation.

It`s funny how you always think that you`re better off with your mask on. That it shields you and protects you. And the fear of the relevation is always greater than the feeling of wearing a mask over your true self.

Why do people dress up costumes and put on masks on Shrove Tuesday? What special significance does this holiday bares? And why, in this era of technology and science, is this pagan holiday still present and very alive? Why are there people in the streets with make-up on, with masks on their faces, laughing, dancing and doing things they usually won`t do? Is the power of the mask that great?

I was never a great fan of Shrove Tuesday. I lost interest in high school, somewhere around the age of sixteen. I guess I did not see the difference between the masks they wore on that particular day and the masks they wore every day except on Shrove Tuesday.

I wonder if the kids nowadays stil feel the same way about it as we did or our parents did. I heard people complaining about kids just doing it for the treats, not even knowing what their masks are suppose to represent. A friend said that if the kids won`t be able to describe what their masks represent, they are getting nothing from him. 🙂

I guess it`s still nice to see the tradition alive and well, despite all the modern world influence and on the other hand, it`s sad to see just how this modern world influences on the tradition nevetheless, changing it into something completely unrecognizable. Is that good or bad, joyful or sad? I don`t know. When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.