is the sound of silence.

I was walking today and listening to my mp3s and all of the sudden, the player turned itself off. Ran out of battery. And that exact moment, when you are transported from the world of music into the world of street noise (which is also music, just a different kind) it feels like dying and being reborn. It`s like at the end of your ear, you can still hear the world of music you listened to, but on the outside, new noises are breaking in, overflowing and eventually changing everything.

Tomorrow is a national holiday and usually, people take the monday off, so that they can enjoy the weekend a little longer, and so it felt weird going to work, not being accompanied by the river of cars, going into the same direction as usually.

It was a very cold day with screaming skies, birds flying around. I don`t handle cold well. I mean, I like it cool, but this is a little too much.

My stomach hurts a little, from all the doughnuts. Is it just my imagination, or did they started to put way too much marmelade in it? It`s like eating an over-ripe fruit, you bite in it and juices squirt out. Where is this world going to?

No results from the exam yet, I hate the wait. It`s not that I am nervous about the grade, I hate the principle. They were suppose to be marked in a week. And usually they take longer. I really don`t get the whole “breaking your own rules” routine. I mean, if you are breaking your own rule, why did you make it then? Would not it be easier for everybody if they just said “Look, we are the rules…we give you the exams when we are ready. Now suck it up and get the hell out of my office!” instead of saying they`ll grade them in a week and then being a day or two late. I guess all we can do is wait.

There is a funny article over at New York Times site about mr. President and his reading preferences. It appears that “the official list omits Tom Wolfe’s racy new beer- and sex-soaked novel, “I Am Charlotte Simmons.” The president, a fan of Mr. Wolfe, has not only read the book but also is enthusiastically recommending it to friends.

It is unclear exactly what Mr. Bush liked so much about the book, which is told from the point of view of Charlotte Simmons, a young woman from the God-fearing backwoods of North Carolina who is the first in her family to go to college. Charlotte, who is at first shocked by the booze and debauchery she encounters at Mr. Wolfe’s Dupont University, modeled on Duke among others, eventually succumbs in a chapter-long deflowering scene at the hands of a drunken fraternity rat. Then she sinks into depression.
Need I comment?

We also had our own (we always say that, like someone will take it away from us) national competition for Eurovision contest. I won`t bother with bitching about the songs and the “artists” who competed, but something funny happened. As we all know (right?), the Eurovision competition is going to take place in Ukraine, the new president of Ukraine is a guy named Juschenko and Kiev is Ukraine`s main city. We all know that, right? Wrong. They interviewed all of the competitors of EMA (I don`t even know what that abbreviation stands for, but it`s a national competition and the winner goes on to represent us on the Eurovision contest) and only one (1) knew the answers to those three questions. Nice. And the best comment…”I`m not gonna say anything cause I`ll look like a complete idiot“. Don`t bother. You already got THAT title.

Tomorrow is a national work-free holiday. Guess I`ll take a walk or/and sleep in. Take care till next time 🙂