Since boys and girls decided to go mountain/hill hiking, I decided that I`m gonna be just like the rest and go with the flow. Introducing…the hike on Krim!

Krim is situated 1107 meters above the sea level which makes it a nice sunday jog location. Except in the winter/spring time…you cannot jog in this cold. Instead, you walk.

But first, a couple of rants. First one goes out to Realplayer and everything related to it. It sucks so hard that even micro$ does not get close to it. I tried to watch a stream today and for that you need…*dramatic pause* the Realplayer. You download it, install it…and…no, you don`t run it, cause it does not do anything. You say to yourself, ok, right, maybe you need to reboot and the program is just too stupid to tell you that. You reboot. It still does not work. In fact, it does not do anything. You try run it manually…it just sits there. OK, fine, we`ll uninstall. You go to the “Add/remove programs”, select uninstall…and guess what? “Uninstaller not found”. Grr. You delete the application, you delete the registry key and thus conclude our episode titled “Using the Realplayer”.

The second rant goes out to our brave and fearless police officers and the entire police department of Slovenia. They really rock! Read on to find out why…

The police department of Slovenia and the ministry of interal affairs are really two of the most profound and respectful organisations this country has to offer. Whether tackling with an old woman, who jay-walked or dealing with a group of kids who were playing with some firecrackers, they always do it with style and elegance. Their tactics are usually based on “let`s wait till the fight is over and then book those who are lying down”. The big bad guys can sleep somberly cause the police is too afraid to apprehend them, but be afraid! the second you`ll jay-walk, you`re going down, punk!

On my way back I drove through a village and there were some people (my bet the entire population of that village, younger than 50 years) trick-or-treating on the road, stopping cars, asking for some money/candy in exchange to pass through their village. Really well done masks, you can see the people really put their effort into it. Mind you, not a busy road, just a road, going through a village. And some asshole called the cops from his cell phone and then came with two cars(!!!) and told the guys to get the fuck off the road or else…

*pause for reconsideration*

It`s like saying to the carols singers to keep it down on christmas. And while they were busy “dealing with the bad guys”, people are driving like maniacs, dealing drugs and small arms, people are being robbed and killed…but hey! THOSE PEOPLE WEARING MASKS WERE UP TO NO GOOD! THEY WERE PLANNING A COUP D`ETAT!!! YOU COULD SEE IT IN THEIR EYES!!!

It sickens me to realise just how stupid our country sometimes is. Just how stupid the cops are and just how incredibly dumb our government is. Instead of telling the guy who called to go fuck himself, they sent TWO patrol cars. I mean…what did they expect? Osama bin Laden and Saddam Husein (come to think of it, I think there was one guy masked as an Arab among the crowd).

*rant ends here*

It was good to be on a hike again. Did not do that in a very long time. I think the last one was on new year`s day and that was more of a hill than a mountain. The snow squeaking under the soles of your shoes, the fresh air, people walking by (not so many of them today, which comes as a slight surprise) . The battery was low, hence the small amount of pictures in the gallery, but I guess I captured the essence. Mountain – snow – leaves – up – down – sky. Yep, that`s it.