It so funny how things change in a second. In a blink of an eye. How do I feel? I actually don`t know. I feel relieved, tired, exhausted, good, ecstatic and indifferent all at the same time. I passed the exam. THE exam. And at the same time, after conquering a mountain, you see other, higher ones. But I think I`ll worry about that tomorrow. Today is a good day.

I just finished calling a few of my friends and family members that were probably more nervous than I was.

And at the same time…I feel nothing special. It feels like this was the way it was suppose to happen and I guess now that I passed and the battle is all behind me, I guess I feel it is only natural and normal to be in this state. I mean…there is no other way but winning…right?

Ah well…

In other news…

This is the last test in this blog for a long time, I promise.

You are Windows XP. You are the newest Windows girl, and fairly popular. You`re pretty stable, and easily the prettiest of the bunch, but you can also be a bit shallow and you`re always hungry. Also, why does your name look like the irritated emoticon?

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