…and I still feel great. Hm. Must be something I ate. Or did not eat for that matter.

World is again resolving. The matters are coming together and falling apart, all in accordance with THE plan. I know there is no such thing in reality, but I guess the appearance counts for something as well.

Spent my day at work and outside, feeling as a part of the community once again. I was actually going to write some meaningful, but I just cannot stop smiling. You ever had that feeling? Where you just…smile? And you feel your soul smiling? And instead of feeling jelaous and hurt when you see other people feeling good, you feel good as well?

It feels weird to feel like this. Not weird in a bad way, just…weird. Welcoming the unknown again. Feeling that there are things worth discovering out there…”in the great beyond”.

I am tired right now. In a good way. This day was another one of those when you hear your victory music in the end. Out loud.

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