I guess it can happen too. And it`s really funny (in a good way) how this day just…zoomed by like a cheetah on speed.

First I updated this computer since I forgot to do it after the last reinstall. It was acting funny for a few days and only today I realised that it`s missing almost 3/4 of the updates. Fun. It`s working fine now so I guess that clicking “next” and waiting for three hours did the trick.

Then I went to see a friend who went through two “major” events in a single day. Fever and a “broken” kidney is not a very good way to spend your weekend. So I kept her company, talked about everything and nothing at the same time. Since she has to turn into a sponge and drink at least four litres of water per day, we made up a drinking game. You watch italian television channel and every time there`s a commercial…you drink. It did the trick:)

It seems everybody is getting sick. Must be a virus on the loose or something. They are declaring an epidemy on a national scale. Fun. I only get sick once a year. Once, but I crash completely. But since this year`s winter was unlike any other (I mean seriously…it should not be called winter in the first place…WHERE is the snow?? And don`t tell me that dandruff that fell out of the sky was snow) I guess not even that rule applies anymore.

I started another blog, you can access it through the link under “Pet projects”. It`s a “slovene only” thing, since I need to brush up on my writing skills. It`s either writing reviews or doing something really stupid.

Speaking of writing and slovene language, check this site (slovene language only) out. People decided they are going to build an on-line dictionary of slovene phrases. Should be fun to see how much material will the people contribute and how long will the whole thing stay current and up-to-date.

Maybe I should slowly start to tag my cd/dvd/divx list. It`s been ages since the last check and quite a few things are missing. It`s just a very time-consuming work and in the end you know you`re gonna have to do it again in two months or so. Order takes time. Chaos takes even more time.

It was a good day. Here`s to many more like this one.

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