I hate these things. You know…”send this letter to fifty people and get rich” or “send this text message to fifty people and get rich” or “send this whatever to whomever and get whatever” type of things. I think I`ll start my own “come over to my house, clean, make love to me and get rich” chain letter. Since every other thing caught up very quickly, it should not be a problem, right?

But be it as it may, we are here and we (what`s with the WE, man? You`re the only person here!) just read this. So, here we go…

1. How many gigantic bytes of music are saved on your computer?

Right now about 40GB. It`s mostly stuff waiting to get backuped on cds so I can listen to it in my room. The idea of turning the volume up in the cabinet so that I can hear it in my room across the house is not a good one.

2. The last CD you have bought

What`s bought? (/me looks in a dictionary) Ooohhhh. Yeah, cool concept. Buying stuff I mean. Just kidding. Well, I`m going to cheat on this one and assume that you can include DVDs with live performance as well. If that is true, then the last CD/DVD was Nine inch nails – And all that could have been. But if you`ll be like Edi Pucer (an investigative reporter from 24ur) and keep pushing the original question, then the answer would be Sony 700 mb 50CD case. And if you`d say, cute but wrong, give us the real stuff, I would mumble “Romarinke“. And it was bought on the 24.06.04.

3. Which song did you listen to when you were reading the request to write this?

The Vines – Get free.
It`s been stuck in my head for three days now and I just cannot get enough of it. On the upside, it managed to kill Schnappi. Yey.

4. Five songs that mean a lot to me or that I often listen to:

Tough one. First of all, I listen to albums, not songs. Song is too…specific. Second, there`s too much of them and I have a great memory. But since you are pushing…

Dire straits – Brothers in arms
The Eels – Mr E`s beautiful blues
Thin red line sountrack – God U Tekem Laef Blong Mi
Nightwish – She is my sin
David Bowie – Space oddity

5. Whom are you going to pass on this stick (3 persons) and why?

Nina – cause I`m curious
BeeBee – cause it`ll make her busy
Wolfgang and Vincent – cause they`re from down under

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