I guess it`s true what they say…we always want more. It was supposed to be a secret till next week, but what the hell…might as well give it to you now.

It`s another blog.

I noticed that it`s hard to find a good DVD reviews site, even more difficult to find one in slovene. So guess what I am doing? 😉

Ladies and gentlemen…. I give you….

Meni se zdi

The titles can be roughly translated into “I think…”. The blog will be written in slovene only, since DVD reviews in english are all around the place. I think it`ll also do me good to practice my slovene writing as well, since we all know where I`m gonna spend the next year.

My base of operations will still be “The L files” and it won`t change anything. I guess I could do reviews in here, but I want to keep them separated. No point in mixing two languages in one place…right BeeBee?;)

So feel free to bookmark both of them, feel free to comment and feel free to feel free.

I declare “Men se zdi” opened for business.


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