It was one of those weekends you usually read about it in a book or a story. I know you are probably bored to death by now with all the “I feel good” stuff that`s been posted on this blog in the past few days, but since this is my blog…I`ll write whatever I damn please to. But on the other hand, since nobody is complaining and the comments are empty, without any “Go back to being depressed and gloomy!” posts, I guess you are cool with it. Or you just don`t care. Whatever the case, I am not bothered by the least.

Thank you all who participated in “Describe the L Files in one word“. Fab, lots, prolific, words and unstoppable will be featured in the next commercial that will advertise this blog. I am thinking something with fast cars, gorgeous women and a voice of God. Stay tuned. Witness the magic;)

I guess three votes are all that there is when it comes to polls. I hope the next one will help us solve the mystery of why don`t people vote more. I guess. It`s either that or three people will vote and nobody else will care. Be it as it may, I owe you 200 facts about me. Will do that in the next week. Five days, forty facts per day…and you can read it all on friday.

Spent the morning tweaking my pet project a little, nothing too serious, mostly links and details. I hope it catches on and that people will find it useful. Otherwise, I`ll just do it cause it`s fun. Which is how everything should be. The second it stops being fun…I`m not going to bother with it. Why waste time and energy on something that`s not there to inspire and enrich you, right?

In the afternoon, I went out for a walk. Met my blogging mistress, returned some stuff I took photos of (fluffy, small and not alive. No, not a dead kitten). Met another friend of hers. He`s funny. He works in the Leclerc shopping mall and I think he should start blogging the questions he is being asked there. Off the top of my head…”Can I pay with cash?” and “Is this Leclerc?” (while standing inside the building) .

People are getting into a frenzy over Valentine`s day. Sheesh. Why exactly is that? And since when do people need a special day to tell other people they love them? I really don`t get that.
I guess it`s another one of those media hyped things, like christmas and almost every other holiday we have. Postcards, sweets, flowers…bah. And my final thought….if you did not tell me you love me on the 13th (or any other day for that matter)…please…don`t bother tomorrow.

Went to see my sick friend. In addition to a sick kidney, she now has the flu. Or something close to it. I hate being sick. Most of the times, I got better just by sheer will power and not by the effect of drugs. It`s that feeling of helplessness and inability to do stuff that bothered me the most. And I guess being all alone, watching TV all day does not help either. You can only take a certain amount of crap per day. And TV is full of it.

Spent a fair part of my day walking around, mostly with my blogging mistress. Taking photos of stuff you always pass on your way but never really see. Details.

Tomorrow is monday and I am looking forward to it. I know that sounds a bit odd and no…I am not sick. I just…I am looking forward of the things to come. No more fear of the unknown. Come hell or high water…

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