Right. Let`s see if we can do this…50 facts per day and I`ll be home free. And I am using this as a reference. No, not gonna copy off of her.

1. I think I shall start by saying that the only fruit I dislike are bananas. I have a vague recollection of eating a banana once and puking my guts out. That was enough for me.
2. Once when I was visiting my aunt and she asked me if my father spanks me if I don`t behave, I said that he “beats the living crap out of me“. My aunt always remembers that phrase when I visit.
3. When my grand dad gave me scissors for trimming the hedges and I accidently brought down an apple tree (it was really tiny and I thought it was weed) and he asked me why did I do that, I replied with another black perl of a statement saying “Elders should keep a watch on the youngsters“. Another one of those phrases that come up at every birthday.
4. At the age of five, I drank a whole glass of wine, thinking it was juice.
5. When I was little I wished for my arm/leg to be broken so that people would sign on my cast.
6. During play as a kid, a friend threw this in my head. Lots of blood, lots of screams, no stiches.
7. I was picking grapes one time and I almost slit my eye completely on a wire. No stiches. Just a tiny scar. Lucky bastard.
8. When I was born, I spent my first three weeks in a hospital. Some people wrote me off completely.
9. I started writing poetry in my fifth grade. We were doing the Preseren`s “Wreath of Sonnets” and I thought “I can do that too“. Young and stupid I guess. Still, it did not stop me from trying. Again and again and again.
10. I hate discoteques because in the sixth grade while on a skiing trip, they took us “out” one night and I spent the whole night (from eight till eleven) drinking my free drink and watching the television above the counter while the others dances.
11. I don`t dance. Ever. I did not dance even on my graduation dance.
12. I read fast. When I was in primary school and competed for the “reading badge”, I read two books in one day. And the librarian did not believe me so I had to report one book per day.
13. The person I know the longest (apart from my family and relatives of course) is Vesna. We`ve known each other for almost 15 years. She`s not a reader of this blog.
14. The first time I was at the movies alone, I went to see “The Predator”.
15. I remember everything I see. I bluffed my way through primary school that way.
16. On the other hand, I am very bad with names. Which isn`t helpful at all.
17. I have a limp. You can`t really see it. The wonders of orthopedic supplements.
18. I was always the one who negotiated with the teachers if the class felt a certain exam needed to be postponed or canceled until further notice.
19. Of all the personality quirks, I dislike people who say one thing and do the opposite the most. I don`t mind lying, as long as it`s consistent.
20. My holy trinity are books, movies and music. You cannot go wrong with those three things.
21. The type of gifts I dislike most are things that cannot be put to good use.
22. I once got three pajamas for the same birthday and cried cause of it. Spoiled brat.
23. I am affected more by defeats than by winnings.
24. I am single *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
25. I love people and I hate solitude. When I am sick, I get better not cause of the drugs but cause of the wish to stop being all alone.
26. Of all the foreign languages, I dig english the most.
27. My biggest debacle was german language. At the end of my high school, the german teacher asked me if I`ll have any german on the faculty. I said no. She gave me a D.
28. My favourite colors are blue, black and calm tones of green. And yes, I know that black is not the color.
29. Everbody say that I fit the description of a libra to a T.
30. Personally, I don`t believe in horoscope crap.
31. I am going through a major change right now and I hope I come out of it ok.
32. I have mood swings
33. I feel that people are taking me for granted
34. I drank my own urine once. Curious.
35. I love to cook, but hate to clean up. Applies in many places, not just kitchen.
36. I learned most of my english through watching movies and repeating the phrases I heard
37. I always come up with a witty remark after the time frame in which that witty remark could be used already passed.
38. I am not doing very well on the fifty-facts-per-day quota, since it`s already tuesday and this is fact number 38.
39. I sometimes walk around, thinking of creative ways to kill a person and then getting away with it.
40. I wish I was more courageous at telling people to fuck off.
41. I like this picture that can be found here.
42. I sometimes wish I was dead or sleeping really deep, just to see how many people would show up for my funeral or how many people would actually miss me.
43. When I am in that kind of mood, I conclude that no-one would show up.
44. I hate it when after you`ve just explained everything to them, people go “Is that the truth?
45. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am not appreciating myself enough. That I am selling myself short.
46. Every once in a while, I wipe out my entire phone book.
47. And usually regret it the next day.
48. When I am walking alone, I sing in a low, humming voice.
49. I hate inconsistent lying. Consistent lying does not bother me.
50. Today I helped a total stranger make a powerpoint presentation. She seemed lost.

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