First read this.

I am sick of it too. I hate myself for being that way. for being, as they said, the mature and the adult one. The one who always understands and always wishes everybody their best and wishes for everybody to be happy and content and feeling good about themselves.

I am through with people, counseling and all that bollocks. Through. I am through with being a shoulder so that other can cry on, I am through with being the one that`s there.

I AM SICK AND TIRED AND I FUCKING QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This world is full of bullshit as it is and I do not need any more crap from anyone who has a five minute break and thinks she/he can get on my case. Fuck that! I am through with being the wise one, the calm one, the one who always sees the truth and the message behind words. I`ve had it with people asking for my advice, people wanting my company just so that they can unload the burden and then trample me whenever they feel like it. I am through with people. I think it`s time I start minding my own business and telling everybody to FUCK OFF!!!!


First of all, this lawyer babe that we`re working with, shows up after a week of total silence and tells me that she needs a complete interview by tomorrow.


Is she out of her fucking law-school mind??? What does she think an interview is? Something you grill on a barbecue for ten minutes???? If this is the best Creative commons has to offer in terms of public relations, then they better think twice. Cause this is a classic example of how things AREN`T DONE!

Then this so-called friend (the one with the ill kidney) dumps a guy and three days later, she calls him cause she felt lonely. What the fuck???? Of all the people…

I am through with people. From now on…there`s just me. The rest of you can go to the Red cross, Salvation army or go call the internet helpdesk….why?


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