1. It`s seven a.m. and I just smiled.
2. I don`t understand people as much as I would like to.
3. Either that or I don`t understand myself.
4. The main issue I am having right now is problem with my focus.
5. My latests consumer quirk are DVD live concerts.
6. I own over 2000 cds.
7. When I hear the music, I can instantly tell if I own the cd with that music .
8. My “weirdest” cd would be “Dresden opera singers sing Rammstein
9. I don`t like live concerts live. If you get my grip.
10. When I travel, I always travel cause of someone and not cause of something.
11. I know how to play the guitar.
12. For the last year, I`ve been thinking of becoming a bone-marrow donour.
13. I wear glasses. Right now I am on my fourth pair.
14. The last novel I wrote was in high-school.
15. I sometimes think that I should write more fiction, but then realise that reality is scarry enough.
16. I hate people on public buses.
17. I am addicted to black vanilla tea.
18. I am a big fan of Crime Scene Investigators: Las Vegas.
19. I love order and stability.
20. If I had to go blind or deaf, I`d choose blindness.
21. I love walking
22. My second favourite mean of transportation is my bike
23. I hate it when people are patronising me
24. Currently, I cannot stop watching Nine inch nails live DVD
25. I am a soundtrack aficionado
26. In the palestinian-israelian conflict, I support the former. And despise the latter.
27. I am sick and tired of people who just want someone to listen to them and do nothing
28. I sometimes wish I`d meet someone who`d be exactly like me
29. I sometimes think things make better friends than people
30. I love cartoons
31. But not the kind where the mouse always escapes the cat.
32. I something think about following a complete stranger for the whole day and see what he/she does.
33. I hate shopping for clothes and footware.
34. I love book stores and music shops.
35. In the second grade my choice of profession was an architect. I liked the sound of the word.
36. I own over 300 books.
37. Out of those 300, 290 are written in english.
38. I don`t know how to whistle properly.
39. I almost cut off my finger once with a linoleum knife.
40. I still have the scars to prove it.
41. The biggest scar of them all is on my right shoulder. Thorn. Ripped flesh. Looks cool.
42. I love to walk around by the rhythm of the music that is currently playing on my mp3 player.
43. When I was a kid, I refused to each spinach.
44. Out of all means of transportation, I dislike flying the most.
45. My favourite action-hero of our times is Batman.
46. I cried at Braveheart, Gladiator and American beauty.
47. Sea food is good. In fact, the best.
48. It always took ages before I remembered my own phone number
49. I don`t like screaming and loud talking.
50. I love dogs over cats.

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