out of here. Out of this mess and this hole. It`s so funny, I know the enemy, I know who makes me feel bad and whom I don`t need and yet…it`s like I am masochistic or something.

Well, I think it`s time. In fact, I know it is. From now on, just the good. I don`t need that. I am not getting paid, I am not getting any benefits out of it and from now on, I won`t do it anymore.

I am staring at the pages of the material for the interview and I just don`t feel like doing it. I know what I said and getting credits for it instead of some decent money is not all THAT bad, but on the other hand a) it`s not in my job description b) I don`t like the person for whom I am doing this and c) I would rather do something more fun.

Since one of the readers voted that he/she cannot see the poll (I wonder how she/he found it so she/he could vote on it then), I am posting a link. Go vote HERE. Good enough? Or would you like the answers in advance?

Plans for today are interesting. I`m meeting a former school-friend, someone I haven`t seen in quite a while (actually, we met last week and said we should meet. And we are doing it today). Yey! Will keep you posted (like anybody is curious about it).

I also made my first blog sticker. I know it sucks but c`mon…practice makes perfect. If anyone wants to be on the team (Vincent and Wolfgang are second-in-command right now) feel free to use it.

We`re hosting an American and his canadian buddy and right now they are both out. I miss them. They`re here for four months, teaching conversation in one of the language schools. In the beginning, when they rang the doorbell, they introduced themselves as “Hi, it`s Pete, the American!“. After I told him that he does not need to state his nationality cause he`s the only pete around here, he introduced himself as “Hi, it`s Pete of the ambiguous nationality.” Ah well…;)

I best get started on that interview…

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