I should start writing a lecture about blogging. They invited me and the time frame is somewhere in the middle of march. So, in discordance with my long-term saying “things should be done the last minute” I am doing things *gasp* in advance. But not too much in advance.
For example, they asked me to write a few words about the lecture so that they can put a notice in the flyer…and I am just too tired to do that right now.

I finished the first draft on that interview. From 12 pages, I cut it down to six. Now comes the fun part. Dissecting the text and inserting questions. Which is exactly the opposite of the usual way to conduct an interview. And I`m not sure I wanna be credited for it. Sure, if she gets it published in “Sobotna priloga” that`ll be great, since it`s a big magazine, but on the other hand…I don`t know. Let`s finish the job first and well see how it turns out.

The coffee went ok. We mostly gossiped about our former school-mates, realising who everybody who was considered a screwy kid (us included) in primary school turned out oh-so-much-brighter-and-better than the rest of the crowd. Hehe.

The fifty-facts-per-days is going along great. Should have no problem finishing it by friday.

I should go to bed. It`s been a long day.

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