1. I love to sail.
2. The only example of a cat that I like over dogs is “puss in boots” from “shrek 2”.
3. My first CD I ever got was Green dayDookie.
4. I bought the CD player the next day.
5. My favourite constellation is Orion.
6. Apart from being a constellation I can recognize and find anywhere, I also won 5000 SIT (approx. 20 Euros) with it on a bet.
7. When I was a kid I loved to play with fire.
8. I prefer a bath over a shower.
9. The holiday I hate the most is new year`s eve.
10. The holiday I hate the second-to-most is christmas.
11. The holiday I love the most is my birthday.
12. The type of radio I hate the most is talk-radio cause they never say anything worth listening to
13. Which does not say much since I don`t listen to the radio almost at all.
14. I used to listen to the radio for hours on end, taping music off the airwaves.
15. The CD I looked for the longest period of time is Danny Elfman – Batman soundtrack
16. When I was a kid, I cried my eyes out over the “Ugly duckling” japanese doll-cartoon.
17. In high school, I never signed any of my slovene essays, cause the teacher knew exactly who wrote them. My style preceeded me.
18. I hate it when people talk during the movie.
19. My ringtone is “The Imperial March” from Star wars.
20. Which makes people laugh when I answer the phone with “Yes, father?
21. I am currently a proud owner of fifty Gmail invites.
22. I know tons of jokes.
23. The only problem is that I do not keep track of people whom I already told the jokes to.
24. I don`t like when people return my paper-back all twisted with pages falling out.
25. I once stepped on a nail. And then took one more step ahead with the nail sticking out of my foot.
26. All my mail accounts have the same password.
27. When I took the first career orientation test, the results included “A warden in a prison“.
28. According to this test, my I.Q. is 124.
29. My “type” is “a word warrior
30. I hated reading when I was a kid.
31. The maximum number of movies I can watch back-to-back is 6 (so far).
32. I am currently writing three blogs. Two of them are a weekly edition.
33. I don`t like people who have “the best…” something.
34. That`s why I sometimes don`t like myself.
35. I have 65 relevant hits on Google.
36. Most of them are from the RTVSLO (Slovene national television).
37. People call me “Cookie”.
38. A lot of people think it`s drug related.
39. I hate chain mails.
40. I wanted to grow long hair once.
41. It did not look good.
42. I am slowly running out of ideas/things to say.
43. Some things are just too dumb or embarrasing to write.
44. Like the time when I ate a piece of barium sulfate
45. Or when I poured sulfuric acid on shoes in the cabinet
46. In high school I got into an argument with my english teacher about the correct spelling of the word “inoculate
47. I was right.
48. The biggest number of times I had to retake one exam is currently eight.
49. If I could choose, I`d prefer to work for a newspaper than for a TV station.
50. When i don`t know what to say, I say “meow”.

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