1. The longest movie I`ve seen so far is Batang west side.
2. I am a Star Wars fan (but just the first three parts)
3. I don`t like it when people talk during the movie
4. I don`t like it when people don`t wash up before they go to public places and stand really close to you
5. I don`t like euphemisms…especially not in the restaurants. A steak is a steak, not…steaky.
6. When I was drafted, I told the officer that if and when the shit will hit the fan, I`ll be the first guy running in the other direction.
7. They stuck me in the infantry.
8. My favourite alchohol drink is vodka. With juice. But not juice vodka. And certainly not one, made out of peach juice.
9. If I could be an animal, I would probably be something furry with four legs.
10. But definitely not a cat.
11. I sometimes feel pain when I see other people in pain.
12. And on the upside, I sometimes feel happy when I see other people being happy.
13. Lyrics are the most important thing in music.
14. Unless we are talking about instrumental, then the most important thing is variety.
15. I got a pair of “Simpsons” socks and a matching boxer shorts
16. I don`t like people who are nervous.
17. According to this test I am an Dominant Extroverted Abstract Feeler
18. I talk to myself on certain occasions.
19. I love comics.
20. I read three newspapers a day. Minimum.
21. I prefer Schnappi over Fredy.
22. If I had the choice of living in constant cold or in constant heat, I`d choose the former.
23. I don`t like unbased criticism.
24. But I prefer critics over praise (although I am not very good at showing that)
25. I don`t like people who clap when it`s not time to clap in the Opera or/and Philharmonium.
26. I don`t like beggars who think you owe THEM money.
27. I`m always fifteen minutes early for every meeting I have.
28. If I write my name in here, the third line from the top says I am very likable ^-^
29. The sixteenth entry however, says that ” domen is manure”
30. The book I sought for the longest was “Paradise lost
31. It`s still waiting for me to read it.
32. I cannot wait for the weather to heat up a little so I can resume my bike routine
33. My bike routine consists of doing 60 km/day.
34. The only book up until now that I had to read twice to understand it was the “Black Dahlia
35. I loved it the second time around.
36. This was one of my favourite cartoons. Synchronised in slovene.
37. I don`t have a best friend.
38. I don`t think I am anybody`s best friend.
39. However, I think I have six very, very, very good friends.
40. The first movie that scared the living crap out of me was Polanski`s “Fearless Vampire killers
41. For my degree, I am doing “something” related with serial killers/mass murderes
42. I hate it when people pass on my phone number without asking for my permission first
43. Currently there are five people in my phone book just so that I know when to NOT answer the phone
44. The only tea I drink is black vanilla
45. With two spoons of sugar and milk.
46. I hardly watch any TV
47. I get panic attacks from time to time
48. I usually calm myself down with calling a friend.
49. I am as easily bored as I am easily amused.
50. I will post no more of these facts-about-me posts.

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