Ah well…a promise is a promise. Now that the world has been enlightened by the fabolous “200 truths about me“, I think it`s time we move to more…pleasant events.

Yesterday I went to the movies and saw what is now known as the longest movie seen by me. It runs for five hours and it`s called Batang West Side. It`s basically a drama/thriller with an ending that makes you wonder “What the fuck was that all about?“. Personally, I like movies which in the end close the circle and send out a message. Don`t get me wrong, Batang West Side is a great movie and you don`t even notice it that you`ve been sitting in the theater for five hours (well, you do when the magic stops and your ass drops on the floor) it`s just…the ending is too vague. It`s basically a whodunit movie without the answer in the end. No answer, but a lot of content and story. If you have a chance to see the five hour version…do not hesitate. Go for it.

The blogging lecture is coming along nicely. I got the material needed and right now I am in the process of selecting interesting blogs so that people will get the feel of variety. If anyone has a suggestion, comment please. Think creative. I don`t think I am going to write a proper lecture seeing how in the past, improvisation with just a few of the guidelines jotted down worked best. More space for improvising and for following the flow of the evening.

I noticed again that my blog sucks if and when viewed in Internet Explorer. Not only does Explorer fails to show png files properly and disregards some of the CSS tricks, but it also sucks in terms of text format and basic shape. Will they ever learn? A fair warning to people who use Explorer to read this blog….according to the latest stats, there are 48% of you. Convert! Deny thy demon that is IE! The power of fox compels you!

Focusing is going fine. So funny how sometimes all it takes is a thought and everything changes. Everything becomes more friendly and nice. I am going to switch to new age any second now. Playing mind games with myself. Questioning my judgement all the time. Why did you do this? Why are you doing this? Why will you do this?

Played with the template a little, mostly icons. Renewed my blogrolls, some of them were out of date.

Oh, and the most funny fact of the day. The americans can apparently judge people sense of hygiene by the sound of their voice. “I did not like the guy” Pete said “he sounded dirty“. You learn something new every day. According to him, I sound clean. Yey. 🙂

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