Thank god it`s friday. I know nobody wants to read a classic “god i am so tired I`ll do nothing else but stay in bed and feel sorry for myself” post, but here we are.

Just kidding. About the second part. I am tired.

I am again dealing with focus problems. The questions about functionality of certain things run around my head, knocking down furniture and making a general mess. And I hate cleaning. Especially if it`s after myself.

I got tons of things to do. Things I could, should and would do…if I was not so tired. And so…energy-less.

I guess it was just one of those days when you don`t speak to a living soul. I mean….sure, you go through the pleasantries and the phrases, but you don` really talk to anyone. Everybody is floating around in their balloons, and you are getting bounced off of their slippery surfaces.

It`s so funny how you in times like these feel that everybody else but you have these great lives, with all the action in the world and you are left with blank pages, nothing more than a daily routine with no special feel to it.

I guess I should feel good . I reinstalled that laptop, did not screw it up, when I left it was working, so we can safely assume that I did an OK job. I cleaned the house, something that always feels like it`s taking ages but in reality takes about an hour.

I am babbling.

Three things I can do right now. Catch up on my readings, watch a movie or go to bed. We`ll go with the golden middle. Till something better comes along…

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