There are times when you feel like everything is a big mistake. That you`re not even supposed to be here today. And that no matter what you do, nothing will change or improve.

I am seriously considering writting down a leaflet titled “How to prepare your computer for reinstallation process” and hand it out to every person that comes along, asking for service in that area.

I am aware of the fact that no everybody deals with computers as much as I do. I am also aware of the fact that not everybody takes care of their computer the way that I (and probably others) do. I am aware of that. Included in my awareness is also the fact that, from where I am standing and from what I have seen in the past, nothing should surprise me anymore, I should assume my zen position and just feel the flow, be the water.

And then there are things that just…break through the zen. Break through the inhibited calmness. And hit you on the head. Not too hard, but still…hard enough to mess up your hair.

This laptop is made in hell. It says “Intel inside“, but what it should really be saying is “Asshole outside“.

Let`s do the rundown…and see where theory and practice meet…and where they are eons apart. Theory is me, practice is her.

TheoryIn order to reinstall your computer, I`ll be needing every single CD that came in the package, drivers, any complementary software etc.

Practise – I totally forgot about that.

TheoryBefore we start this, please backup your data. Do not backup the programs installed, just raw data, like photos, documents…and place them in one folder so that we can move it onto the server.

Practise – I think it`s best to backup my temporary internet files too. And my temporary files. And my Windows folder. Better safe than sorry.

TheoryThe reinstallation will take a while so please let`s start this early in order to get things done in one day.

Practise – I think that if I come in at noon and say that I want the laptop by two…that should not be a problem, right?

<--to be continued-->

Laptops make me nervous. Especially if they are not mine.

People who label their photo files “pictures of marriage and the honeymoon afterwards oh this is so funny111.jpg” make me nervous.

People who spell honeymoon honney moon make me nervous.

And yet…I am in my zen garden.

Schnappi stickers arrived. Yey. In an official ORF.AT envelope. I already gave two away to the colleges at work and I think I`ll keep two for myself. The rest of them go to the people I`ll meet.

Another good thing is that Poochie and Percival, the dynamic duo of Sinfest are back. They always make me smile. Even when I am eyeballing an indicator line that tells me that the archiving procedure will be done in the next 20 minutes. Done at two o`clock? Yeah, right.

Funny trivial fact…in swedish language, my name means Doom. Always nice to know that, especially if I run into some swedes. And decide to play nice. Been having problems with the english-speaking population, since some of them thought I, DO MEN. Which is a weird thing of introducing myself. Since then I am always sure to stick the “AM” thingy in between.

Think I`ll go make myself a cup of tea.

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