You have no money and you need cash?
You feel that your needs aren`t being met and you are looking for an easy way out?
Then, my friend…

Come to Slovenia and steal! Steal and accumulate great wealth!
Don`t worry…nobody will touch you.



Did I get your attention? Good… now the story begins…

Four years ago, my bike was stolen. I know, I was stupid enough to chain it on a radiator pipe, not knowing that a guy will come alone, sawed the pipe and steal my bike. Stupid me, right?

Years go by (literally) and I got invited to the court of law, to testify against the guys who stole it. There was a whole bunch of us, the people who got ripped off by two junkies (hey, they say it themselves) and we all did our civic duty, appear in court, took an oath and all that jazz. I went home, feeling better, the police did their job at finding the bad guys, now all there is for the court to do is to find them guilty and charge them with a sentence that will fit the crime.

Months go by (not exactly a year, but close to it) and this morning I got another letter. From the court. It`s actually more of a package. It contains a list of the things they stole with the price tag. Total sum one million, seven hudred, thirty-five thousand tollars (7230 Euros). The penalty…zero. None. “Please sir, you`re free to go and drop in any time you want. Those bikes? Naah, don`t worry bout them. You did nothing wrong. Just don`t steal anything in the next four years.

On top of that, the decree is poorly written. Spelling mistakes all over the place. Like a third-grader wrote it. It`s disguisting. I had a high trust in the institutes of the state. Not any more. Fuck this. This is all a lie. Jerking off in the wind.

And the punch line…on top of the document it says “Verdict in the name of the people“. How dare they declaring their mistakes in the name of the people? The people want their bikes back. The people want to see those two junkies do community work till they realise that people have to work to buy stuff. The people want justice.

I am ashamed of my nationality. I am ashamed of my country. Of our courts. I hate the law in this country. Anarchy! We would be better off. Fuck the law. The next time I am going to see a lawyer or a student of law, I am going to punch them in the face. Bunch of assholes.

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